Yoga with a mission and Spiritual Healing with a vision!

The Mission

Swamiji has a Mission: To usher more people on spiritual path and restore Yoga as a spiritual discipline. PUSKAR MEDITATION TEMPLE, Swamiji's signature yoga institute in holy Pushkar, India is dedicated to this mission. The institute imparts a unique 3-Week 200-Hour yoga teacher training course in Patanjali's Raja/Ashtanga yoga. The course is rated as most authentic, in-depth and comprehensive in the whole world. Having completed this Yoga Alliance registered course and become a competent, confident and complete yoga practitioners the trainees carry the mission forward to their countries with their own yoga studios, as yoga teachers or personal trainers.

PMT Global, the international association of PMT alumnae provides logistic and placement support.

A daily 2-Hour session with walk-ins and those who sign up for short duration packages also helps correct the distorted perception of Yoga among larger audiences.

The Vision

People need healing and meditation can heal them.

However, most people on the spiritual path face a challenge. When we sit to meditate and close our eyes the mind starts racing all the more. We are unable to focus.

Why does this happen? The answer is in Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the source scripture of all kinds of yoga.. Maharshi Patanjali approaches yoga as a eight step (limb) process Yama (moral codes), Niyama (Self-discipline), Asana (Yogic postures), Pranayama (expanding the breath/consciousness), Pratyahara (sense-withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption/liberation). The first four limbs are called Bahir (outer) yoga and next four Antar (inner) yoga. Ashta in Sanskrit means eight and anga means limb. Hence Ashtanga..This is the original Ashtanga yoga also called Raja Yoga or Aadi Yoga,

Now unless one is adept in outer yoga the inner yoga that includes meditation just cannot happen. This is the problem. With too many distortion and hundreds of so called yoga styles Yama and Niyama, the foundation of yogic life have been almost forgotten. Asana that Patjanjali deined as sthiram sukham asanam (a steady and comfortable posture) for practicing inner yoga have been distorted and destroyed by using external force, props and mixing them with Bandhas, a highly advanced stand-alone Tantrik practice that acts on Vigyanmaya Kosha (psychic Sheath). Vinyasa which meant synchronizing breath and consciousness with physical movement is today a separate style.

With such blatant distortions yoga has lost its meaning and purpose. It has become more of aerobics.

Swamiji through his Pushkar Meditation temple is trying to help people understand and imbibe the first four limbs that lead to fifth Pratyahara Then the one week Therapeutic Immersion takes them deeper into practice of inner yoga or Samyam.

Mudra, Mantra and Bandha are used as complimentary practices to induce Pratyahara as evolved and advocated by sages and yogis.

Walk in as Body! Go out as Soul!!

We have had many revolutions in last 100 years. But human race has never been so miserable, insecure and tormented as today. Everyone, everything on this planet seems wounded. The reason, with each revolution we cemented the Ignorance treating humans merely as body yet supreme. Humans are not Body. They are Soul that uses body only as a vehicle. They can be supreme only as Soul.

When we look around we find that everything is being done to satiate our mind which is the subtle form of body (matter). And nothing or very little is done to satisfy the Soul. No wonder human race is in such turmoil.

Therefore if the continuing degeneration of this planet is to be checked, wounded souls are to be healed and suffering of the masses is to be alleviated we need a new revolution Soul Revolution. Each one of us has to tear apart this veil of ignorance and declare oneself Soul and do it with conviction.

Yogic lifestyle can bring about a total transformation. Taking people out of this morass of misery and suffering to paradise of health and bliss! A day can come when every expectant mother would believe that she is Soul, she is nurturing a Soul in her womb, would give birth to a Soul and bring up a Soul. One generation down the line the face of the world would change beyond recognition..

Yoga is the proven and computable way to self-recognition/realization!

Come join the Soul revolution! Become a part of Swamiji's Pushkar Meditation Temple. You walk in as body. Go out as Soul!

This is the essence of Swamiji's teachings!